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Britannia is a leading FMGG Company in India. Britannia is a biscuit company. Britannia products consist of biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Rusk, Cream Wafers, and dairy products.

Britannia is one of the most trusted food manufacturers and brands in India. It consists of many favorite brands like Good day, Tiger, Milk Bikis, Marie Gold.

The company was founded in 1892 in Culcutta. The Chairman of the company is Nusli Wadia. The company is a part of the Wadia Group.

Britannia Ltd Sells its product across India and also in More than 60 Countries across the world. 

Britannia Industries Limited

Britannia Products List 

Britannia Products List consists of five different Britannia Brands. 

Britannia Biscuits 

Britannia is one of the leading players in the Biscuit segment in India. The company has a wide range of biscuits in its portfolio. The company sells various iconic biscuit brands like Good Day, Tiger, Marie, Milk Bikies, and many more. 

Biscuit Brand

  1. Good Day 
  2. New Good Day Butter 
  3. Choco Chunkies
  4. Crackers 
  5. Nutri choice
  6. Marie Gold 
  7. Tiger 
  8. Milk Bikies 
  9. Jim Jam + Treat 
  10. Bourbon
  11. Little Heart 
  12. Pure Magic
  13. Nice Time  

Britannia Breads 

Britannia is one of the largest players in the bread market with over 1 lakh Ton in Volume.  The company sells across more than 100 cities and towns in India. 

Breads Brand 

  • Whole wheat Bread 
  • White Sandwich Bread 
  • Bread Assortment 
  • Daily Bread 

Britannia Dairy Products 

Britannia Sells Cheese, Milk, Yoghurt under the dairy products. The company dairy products directly reach 100,00 outlets in India. 

  • Cheese 
  • Milk Based Beverages 
  • Freas Dairy 
  • Everyday Goodness 

Britannia Cake

Britannia manufactures and sells a wide variety of cakes in India.  

Cake brand

  1. Gobbles
  2. Tiffin Fun 
  3. Nut & Raisin 
  4. Muffills
  5. Layerz
  6. Rollyo 
  7. Fudgeit


Britannia makes PremiumBake Rusk under the brand name ToaStea.

Cream Wafers 

Britannia Treat wafers consist of tasty layers filled between Crispy layers. The Wafers market is growing in India. 

Treat Cream Wafer

Company Financials

Revenue ₹ 13,136 Cr
Market Capitalization₹ 85,699 Cr
Face Value ₹ 1
Book Value ₹ 147
Net Worth ₹ 3,548 Cr
EPS ( Earning Per Share )₹ 77.4
ROE ( Return on Equity ) 46.9%
ROCE ( Return on Capital Employed ) 45.4%
Promotor Holding 50.6%
No. of Equity Shares 24.1 Crore
No. of Employees4,480
Latest Annual Report Click Here

Britannia Industries Corporate Information

Chairman Mr. Nusli N Wadia
Managing Directors Mr. Varun Berry
Directors Mr. A.K. Hirjee
Mr. Avijit Deb
Mr. Jeh N Wadia
Mr. Keki Dadiseth
Dr. Ajai Puri
Mr. Ness N Wadia
Dr. Ajay Shah
Management Team Mr. N Venkataraman
Mr. Vinay Singh Kushwaha
Mr. Gunjan Shah
Mr. Sudhir Nema
Mr. Manjunath Desai
Mr. Ritesh Rana
Mr. Manoj Balgi
Mr. Annu Gupta
Mr. Vipin Kumar Kataria
Mr. Vinay Subramanyam
Company Secretary Mr. T.V. Thulsidass
Auditors B S R & Co. LLP
Chartered Accountants
B Block, 3rd Floor,
Embassy Golf Links Business Park,
Pebble Beach
Bengaluru – 560 071
Bankers HDFC Bank Limited
ICICI Bank Limited
State Bank of India
Citibank N.A.
Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Standard Chartered Bank

Britannia Industries Chairman ( Nusli N Wadia ) 

Mr. Nusli N Wadia was Appointed on the Britannia Company’s Board on 5th September 1993. And he has been appointed the Chairman of the Company since 8th September 1993. 

Mr. Wadia is a well-known Industrialist in India. He is the Chairman of Wadia Group companies and also Director on the Board of several Indian companies.

He was a member of ICMF from 1984-85 to 1990-91. Nusli Wadia is a Trustee of the Executive Committee of the Nehru Centre, Mumbai. Mr. Wadia has a distinct presence in public affairs and has been actively associated with leading charitable and educational institutions.

Britannia Corporate Office Adress

5/1/A Hungerford Street,

Kolkata, West Bengal-700017

Ph: 91-033-22872439/2057/2287

Email: [email protected]

Britannia Industries Manufacturing Plants ( Factory ) in India

  • Kolkata, West Bengal 
  • New Delhi 
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand
  • Jhagadia, Gujarat 
  • Khurda, Odisha 
  • Perundurai, Tamil Nadu

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