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Nestle India is the largest FMCG company in India. Nestle India is a subsidiary of Swiss-based multinational Company Nestle. Nestle owns 26.72% of Nestle India. Nestle is the world’s largest Food and beverages Brand. 

The company was founded in 1959 in India. Its headquarter is in Gurgaon, Haryana. 

The company operates in the Food segment and includes products like Beverages, Breakfast Cereals, Chocolates and confectionery products, Dairy products, and many more. 

The company generates over 47% of revenue from milk and nutrition products, 10% from beverages, 30% from the prepared dishes and cooking aids ( Maggi), and 13% from Chocolates and confectionery.

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Nestle India Ltd.

Nestle has more than 2000 brands. And is present in 186 countries worldwide. 

Nestle Products List 

Nestle products List consists of Different brand that includes:


Nestle Sells Beverages under the brand name of Nescafe’. Nescafe’ is the world’s most loved Coffee brand. 

Over the past 75 years, Nescafe’ has grown on the commitment to a promise- to maximize the enjoyment and ease of preparing a cup of coffee.

Chocolates And Confectionery 

Nestle KitKat 

Nestle KitKat is one of the most flourishing brands in the world.  And Nestle sells every year over 12 billion NESTLÉ KITKAT fingers are consumed around the globe.

Nestle Munch

Nestle Munch is the country’s most loved ‘coated wafer’ range of products. Munch is available throughout stores across the country. Every variant of Nestle Munch is a delicious crunchy treat for fans.

NESTLÉ MUNCH Khao, apne Manch pe aao!

Nestle Bar One 

Nestle MilkyBar

Dairy products 

Nestle a+

NesCafe’ Cold Coffee

Nestle MilkMaid


Nestle Nutrition Products Includes Nestle LactoGrow which is a nutritious Milk Drink for 3-6 year-aged children. Nestle Ceregrow is a nutrient-dense toddler cereal for 2-5 years old. Nestle Nanagrow is a Nutritious milk drink for growing children.


Nestle food catagories includes Noodles, Sauses and pasta. It has a very famous Maggi 2 minute noodles.

Nestle Breakfast Cereals

Nestle has breakfast cereals for everyone. Cereals brand includes Koco Crunch, Koko Krunch Choco Brust, NesPlus Crunchy Flakes,

Company Financials

Revenue ₹ 13,636 Cr
Market Capitalization₹ 169,414 Cr
Face Value ₹ 10.0
Book Value ₹ 209
Net Worth ₹ 2,019 Cr
EPS ( Earning Per Share )₹ 224
ROE ( Return on Equity ) 106%
ROCE ( Return on Capital Employed ) 139%
Promotor Holding 62.8 %
Dividend₹ 65 per share
No. of Equity Shares 9.64 Crore
No. of Employees7,649
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Nestle India manufacturing Units

  1. Moga, Punjab
  2. Samalkha, Haryana
  3. Nanjangud, Karnataka
  4. Choladi, Tamil Nadu
  5. Ponda, Goa
  6. Bicholim, Goa
  7. Pantnagar, Uttarakhand
  8. Tahliwal, Himachal Pradesh 
  9. Sanand, Gujarat (Under Construction)

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