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Pidilite Industries Ltd is a leading consumer and specialties Chemical company in India. 

The company manufactures Adhesives, sealants, waterproofing solutions, Construction chemicals, craftsman products, DIY products, art and crafts, industrial resins, polymer emulsion in India. 

The most famous Pidilite brand is Fevicol. Some other Pidilite products list is M-seal, Fevikiwik, Fevistik, Roff, Fevicryl, Motomax, Hobby ideas, Araldite, and others. 

The company was founded in 1959 be Balvant Kalyanji Parekh. The chairman of the company is Madhukar Parekh. 

The company has a widely established and extensive network across India. The company has over 5000 distributors serving 200,000 Dealers, retailers, and contractors across India. 

Pidilite is present in over 80 countries. The company has 19 subsidiary internationally. 

Pidilite Industries Limited 

  • Branded consumer and Bazar segment contributes 79.9% of sales of the company. 
  • Adhesives, sealants, and tapes contribute 52.6% of the sales of the company. 
  • Construction and paint Chemical Contributes 19.2% of the sales of the company.
  • Art & Craft materials contributed 8.1% of the sales of the company. 

Pidilite Products List

Pidilite products list consist of three segments, Pidilite Brands, Pidilite products and service solutions, and Pidilite Industrial Specialty Products. 

Pidilite Brands 

Pidilite Brands consists of Adhesieves, Waterproofing solutions, construction Chemicals to art and Craft, Industrial Resins and many more.

  • Fevicol
  • Dr. Fixit 
  • M-Seal 
  • Fevistik 
  • Hobby Ideas 
  • Fevicryl 
  • Motomax 
  • Roff 
  • Rangeela 
  • Terminator
  • SteelGrip 
  • Fevi Gum 
  • Wudfin 
  • WD-40 

Pidilite Products Solutions 

Pidilite provides products and services in different industry segmetns. The company provides Products solution in:

  1. Adhesive Technology 
  2. Wood Finishing and Paints 
  3. Waterproofing Solutions 
  4. Automotive
  5. Technical Textiles 
  6. MEP
  7. Tile Adhesives & Tile Grouts 
  8. Wood Working 

Pidilite Industrial Specialty Products 

Pidilite manufactures Specialty products for manufacturing sectors. 

These are:

  1. Textile chemicals
  2. Paper Chemicals 
  3. Industrial Resin 
  4. Leather Chemical 
  5. Industrial Adhesives 
  6. Footwear Adhesives 
  7. Organic Pigments and Preparations 
  8. Industrial Bonding Solutions 
  9. Maintainance, repair, and Overhaul

Pidilite Industries Limited Financials

Revenue ₹ 7,293 Cr
Market Capitalization₹ 107,472 Cr
Face Value ₹ 1
Book Value ₹ 110
Net Worth ₹ 5,593 Cr
EPS ( Earning Per Share )₹ 22.3
ROE ( Return on Equity ) 22.5 %
ROCE ( Return on Capital Employed ) 29.3 %
Promotor Holding 70.2 %
No. of Equity Shares 50.8 Crore
No. of Employees6,064
Latest Annual Report Click Here
Pidilite Annual Report

Pidilite Manufacturing Facilities 

The company has manufacturing units at various locations in India. Some of the locations are 

  1. Mahad, Maharashtra
  2. Vapi, Gujarat 
  3. Baddi, Himachal Pradesh
  4. Kala Amb , Himachal Pradesh

Pidilite Subsidiary Companies

  1. Fevicol Company Limited
  2. ICA Pidilite Private Limited
  3. Cipy Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Nitin Enterprises
  5. Nina Percept Private Limited
  6. Pidilite East Africa Limited
  7. Pidilite USA Inc.
  8. NINA Waterproofing System Private Limited
  9. Pidilite Innovation Centre Pte Ltd.
  10. Huntsman Advanced Materials Solutions Private Limited
  11. Pidilite Grupo Puma Private Limited
  12. Hybrid Coating
  13. Pidilite Middle East Limited
  14. Pidilite Ventures LLC
  15. Wood Coat Private Limited
  16. Pidilite LitoKol Private Limited ‘
  17. Pidilite International Pte Ltd.
  18. Pt Pidilite Indonesia
  19. Pidilite Chemical PLC
  20. Pagel Concrete Technology Pvt Ltd.
  21. Pidilite Industries Egypt
  22. Madhumala Trading Pvt. Ltd.
  23. Pidilite Speciality Chemicals Bangladesh Pvt Ltd.
  24. Pidilite Lanka Pvt Ltd.
  25. Pidilite MEA Chemicals LLC
  26. Building Envelope System India Ltd.
  27. Bhimad Commercial Co. Pvt Ltd

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