Top 10 Consumer Durables Companies In India

Consumer durables products are those manufactured products that have a long useful life after purchase. As its name suggests it is a Durable product. Products in these categories of consumer goods do not get wear and tear easily. You can use these types of products for at least three years in a row. 

Here in this article, you are going to see the top 10 Consumer Durables Companies in India

Top 10 Consumer Durables Companies in India

1. Whirlpool of India Ltd.

Top 10 Consumer Durables Companies In India

Whirlpool entered India in the 1980s with a joint venture with the TVS group. At the early stage of its expansion, Whirlpool Started its expansion in India by establishing a washing machine manufacturing unit in Pondicherry.

At a later stage say a decade later Whirlpool entered the refrigerator market by acquiring Kelvinator India Ltd.

As with the time, graph continues to remain up and hence Whirlpool expanded its arms in another market that is of air conditioners and microwave.

At present Whirlpool of India limited is Headquartered in Gurugram.

The company manufactures Refrigerators, washing machines, Air conditioners, Microwave Ovens, and many other small appliances.

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2. Blue Star Ltd.

Blue Star Ltd.

Blue Star is one of the most leading home appliances manufacturing companies in India. It deals with Air Conditioners, Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Air Coolers. They always try innovative ideas to enhance the performance of their appliances.

Blue Stars Provides its cooling services to the various corporate, commercial, or individual levels. On average every third commercial space using the facility of Blue Stars. Blue Stars at present has 4 giant manufacturing units in Dadra, Himachal Pradesh, Wada, and Ahmedabad.

The company was incorporated in year 1985. The company has network of 24 offices and 650 dealers across India.

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3. IFB Industries Ltd.

IFB Ltd. started its services in India in 1974 in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid Ag of Switzerland. But its segment of home appliances manufacturing started in the 1990s in India.

In earlier times this company was known as India Fine Blanks Ltd. It provides services of basically Washing machines, Air Conditioners, and Cooking appliances.

At present IFB in India has a chain of approx more than 530 retail outlets generally termed as IFB point. It has its Manufacturing plant in Kolkata and Verna in India.

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4.Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

It has a well-established marketing chain by which it markets its products in the market. Bajaj Electricals Ltd is a part of Bajaj Group. It deals in home electrical appliances, Fans, Lighting.

The company was established in July 1938. the company has 20 Branch offices and approximately 478 distributors, 201364 retail outlets, and 504 consumer care centers across India.

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5. Dixon Technologies India Ltd.

Dixon Technologies started its operation in 1993 in India and started its manufacturing plant in 1994. They started their manufacturing unit with the manufacturing of Colour Television, and later they expanded their manufacturing in other segments.

Among all other similar companies, it is not much known but Dixon is also on the list of leading durable companies in India. They basically focus on designing the consumer’s durable solutions. It deals in home appliances, lighting, mobile phones, and security devices.

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6. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

Godrej is one of the oldest Indian Conglomerate Company established in India in 1897. Its headquarter is in Mumbai.

Godrej is one of the best Consumer durable Companies in India. Since its establishment in India, it is contributing to the Indian Company. Godrej is considered a master of security-based products. From starting their security product captured the Indian Market. Apart from Security products, Godrej deals in the manufacturing of Air conditioners, Refrigerators, and many more such products. At present Godrej can be seen investing in Real Estate Business.

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7. Amber Enterprises India Ltd.

Amber Enterprises India Ltd was incorporated in 1990 in India. They Started their manufacturing journey by establishing a factory in Rajpura Punjab. They mainly deal in Air Conditioning as they have expertise in this segment. They started their manufacturing segment by manufacturing RAC as OEM.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) makes systems or components that are used in another company’s end product

At present, their services are spread pan India with one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

In recent years they mainly focused on product range expansion in ODM finished goods category.

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8. Voltas Ltd.

Voltas was established in India in 1954. From then on they are imparting their trusty services to the customers

If we talk about this company, they believe in engineering smart, intuitive, and innovative solutions to craft a world that is more efficient.

They revolutionized the segment of Air Conditioning and refrigeration in India by imparting much new and advanced technology.

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9. Honeywell Automation India Ltd.

Honeywell Automation India Ltd is headquartered in Pune Maharashtra. This company basically deals in the manufacturing of semiconductors and other electronic component.

They have a total of 3290 employees contributing to the growth of the company across all its location. If we further see this company is composed of 2184 companies that complete Honeywell Automation India Corporate family.

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10. Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrical Ltd.

This company was incorporated in India in 2015 as a Public Limited Company.

They market their product in India under the name CROMPTON. They have a range of products for the customers ranging from fans, lamps to household appliances and five stars pumps.

This company has a strong and wide range of dealerships which smooths the process of the market the product. They are proudly launching 5-star energy-efficient products.

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