Top 10 Logistics Companies In India

Logistics means plans of movement, storage, and flow of goods, services, and information in and out between point of origin and consumption. 

Logistics is mainly supplied chain management. Logistics companies manage how products are stored, transported, and distributed to their final destination.

The logistics sector in India is evolving very rapidly. Here are the top 10 Logistics companies in India.

Top 10 Logistics Companies in India

1. Container Corporation of India Ltd.

CONCOR is a leading Logistics company in India. It provides responsive, cost-effective, efficient, and reliable logistics solutions to customers in India. 

CONCOR is a Public sector Undertaking company, it is a subsidiary of Indian Railway. CONCOR has Navratna company status in India.

The company was incorporated in March 2988. 

The company has the largest network of 60 ICDs( inland container depots)/CFSs( Container Freight Stations) in India. The company provides inland transport by Rail for containers. 

The company also offers management of Ports, air cargo complexes, and establishing cold-chain. 

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2. Blue Dart Express Ltd.

Blue Dart Express is a leading Logistics company in India that provides courier delivery service.

The company provides express air, integrated transportation, and distribution and offers secure and reliable delivery of the consignment in different locations in India. The offers services to over 35,000 Locations in India. 

The company was incorporated in 1983. Headquartered in Mumbai. 

In 2002 the company form an alliance with DHL Express, a leading international air express service provider. 

The founder & chairman of the company is Tushar Jani. 

3. Aegis Logistics Ltd. 

Aegis Logistics is a leading oil, gas and chemical logistics company in India. 

The company operates a network of bulk liquid handling terminals, liquefied Petroleun gas terminals, filling plants, pipelines, and gas stations to deliver products and services.

Aegis Logistics Limited  also operates internationally through its subsidiaries located in Singapore.

The company was incorporate in 1956. It trade on Both BSE and NSE in India. 

The company has storage facilities at Mumbai, Haldia, Pipavav ,Kochi ,Kandla and Mangalore. 

Aegis Group has Seven Companies 

  1. Aegis Logistics Limited
  2. Sealord Containers Limited
  3. Konkan Storage Systems (Koch) Pvt. Limited
  4. Aegis Gas (LPG) Pvt. Limited
  5. Hindustan Aegis LPG Limited
  6. Aegis Group International PTE Limited
  7. Aegis International Marine Services PTE Limited

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4. Mahindra Logistics Ltd. 

Mahindra Logistics is a leading third-party Logistics service provider company. The company is specializes in supply chain and people transport solution. 

The company was incorporated as public company in 2007. It is a part of Mahindra Group.

The company operated business segment in :

  • Supply chain management(SCM)
  • Enterprise Mobility.

The company offers supply chain solutions to industries such as Automotive, Engineering, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Commodities, and E-commerce. 

The company works on an asset-light model and uses a technology-enabled logistics solution that offers flexibility and scalability. 

5. Gateway Distriparks Ltd. 

Gateway Distriparks is a leading logistics company in India founded in 1994. Based in Mumbai, Mahrashtra. 

Gateway Distriparks operated in three segments:-

  • Container Freight Stations(CFS)
  • Inland Container Deports(ICS)with Rail movement along with ports.
  • Cold chain storage and Logistics

Gateway Distriparks operates two CFS at Navi Mumbai, one at Chennai, One at Krishnapatnam, One at Kichi and one at Visakhaoatanam. 

6. Allcargo Logistics Ltd. 

Allcargo is one of the top 10 Logistics companies in India. The company was incorporated in 1993. The founder of the company is Shashi Kiran Shetty.

The company operates in more than 160 countries through 300 offices.

The company operates mainly into three segments

  • Multimodal Transport Operations;
  • Container Freight Stations/ Inland Container Depots
  • Project and Engineering Solutions.

7. Transport Corporation on India Ltd. 

Transport Corporation on India Ltd. is a leading logistics and supply chain management company in India.

The company was incorporated in 1958 by Prabhu Dayal Agrawal. The company headquarter is in Gurgaon, Haryana. 

The company operates in different segment: TCI Freight, TCI express, TCI Supply chain Solution, TCI Global, TCI Seaways, TCI Foundation. 

TCI manages 12 million sq.ft of warehouse space and 6000 employees. 

8. VRL Logistics Ltd. 

VRL Logistics is one of the largest logistics company in India. The company was founded in 1976 by Vijay Sankeshwar in Karnataka. 

The company services spread across 22 states and 5 union territories in India. The company owned 362 passenger transport vehicle and 4473 Goods transport vehicles. 

The company offers 3PL and warehouse solution services in India. 

9. Gati Ltd.

Gati Ltd. is a leading Express Distribution and Supply chain Management Logistics company in India. 

The company was founded in 1989. 

Allcargo Logistics is a promotor of Gati Ltd, it holds 50% of the company stakes.

The company headquarter is in Hyderanad, Telangana. The chairman of the company is Shashi Kiran Shetty. 

The company uses mutlimodel transport model for movement of their cargo form one place to another place via Road, Rail, Air and Sea. 

10. Snowman Logistics Ltd.

Snowman Logistics Ltd. is a leading Logistics company which provides Trmperature-controlled services in India. 

Companies temperature controlled warehousing facility is located in Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru. 

The company ensures product quality and temperature control of customer products from point of origin to the consumption Point. 

Top 10 Logistics Companies In India

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